What date is the Kerry Ultra taking place?

The Kerry Ultra is taking place this year on the 25th August 2018.

What time does the Kerry Ultra start?

There are two events in the Kerry Ultra this year.  The 100k event will start at 6am sharp, and the 50k will start at 10am sharp.

Are there cut off times?

Yes there are cut off times for both events.  The final cut off time for the event is 9pm, participants who have not crossed the finish line by this time will be deemed to have DNF’d and the race director will instruct them or their crew that they will need to retire at that point.

Is having a crew mandatory ? 

yes every runner participating in the 100k event must have a crew or else they will not be able to participate in the event. runners competing in the 50k event do not need a crew.

How many places are available in the event ?

Places are limited.

Where is the number collection going to be located ?

The number collection will take place in the Brandon Hotel the evening before the 100k and 50k take place.

How old must a participant be to compete in the 100k and 50k events?

A participant must be 18 or older to compete in the events.

What will i need at registration ?

All participants should bring ID and be ready to present email showing the email they were sent once they had registered.

how much are the events?

The 50k is costing 50 euro(online booking charge with this). The 100k costs 75 euro ( with an online booking charge). You can register  here

what do i get for my entry ?

For the entrance fee all participants of the 100k will receive a bespoke finishers medal with the finishers top of their choice which they selected in their online registration( please note sizes cannot be changed each runner will receive the sizes they picked). the 50k runners will receive a bespoke finishers medal in completion of their race.

Will the main roads be closed ?

No there will not be road closures. there will be a few stewards at certain points to direct 50k runners but it is the job of the 100k runners crew support to make sure each of their runner is looked after.

Is it safe to bring headphones?

No, As the roads will be open, headphones are prohibited in the events.

Where can i register for the events?

You can register for the Kerry Ultra 100k and 50k by clicking here.